Elevation views are my favorites!

So, this is part of the ruins that we are planning on installing for the client. They will be functional as well as decorative. One set holds a (hopefully artist made) chandelier over the main patio in the center of the garden. The other is a set of pillars that will drip water from the tops.

You know that great sound when drops of water echo in a chamber? That is the effect this will have as the drops drip from 10 feet into the sunken basin (unearthed from thousands of years of ruins). This is a more hidden feature in the clients reading/tea patio meant to intrigue interest in the "unseen" parts of the garden.

It is a big property relative to those we have installed in the past because they are fortunate to have a double lot. It gives us the opportunity to incorporate all the clients wishes for their garden. I cannot wait for the color to be added to these drawings! I'll keep you updated on progress.

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