Corner stump, why the house isn't square...

There is a little notch out of the back of the house. We though it was weird until a few things were cleared and we found this.
I'm assuming that it was a huge tree and they spared it when they built the house. It had been cut down some time before we moved here and now it is in the way of James' outdoor workshop. There are no easy projects.

There are several stumps around the yard which will someday be removed with all the changes. We plan on removing the ivy that borders the front of the yard at the street to put in a grassy (not lawn) wildflower type garden. Included will be our neighborhoods only "sidewalk". I hope people use it, that would be sweet.

We also recently collected some large rounds (of tree) from a neighbor that will need to be split and seasoned for next year. Er, this year, winter.

The projects continue.

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