Last year, I completed this hat. It's my first completed hat that will fit properly. It's a useful hat. Blue, with a folded cable brim. Knit side to side as I didn't have any correctly sized circulars to knit it in the round. I picked up stitches to complete the top of the hat in the round on short DPN's. No pattern... I like that once a few simple things are learned, I can knit without a pattern. So far, only hats.

I ordered yarn from Elann (which was very highly rated) so that I can make some of the Flower Power hats featured on Knitty. Looking forward to alternating colors.

In other news, we are getting outside. James has removed the shed behind the house, which was used for warm cozy kitty firewood. Beneath it was a surprise (although we are getting used to stump surprises). There is a huge stump base that could have been the reason that the house was built with a notch out of the back. Now that the tree is gone, it's just a strange little incomplete part of the house. It will be an outdoor shop so that James can build things with his loud tools.

Since removing the shed, the back room is much brighter and even gets evening sun.

Happy 2008.

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