I see you there!

So, I like to spy. It makes me feel all secretive and sneaky. What I like is that people are actually visiting my site! How great is that!?

I would like to say thanks, and keep it up! What would you like to see... more recipes? More about the stump in the back yard (cause that could be an award winning documentary). Maybe more about the crazy cats, instructions on one handed typing while holding/petting cat...

More beads! Oh yes, there will be more of that. I am actually working on a new pattern, an actual invention. I thought, that I had invented something with my diamond chain, but it tuns out that I was not the first person who thought of it. Don't you hate it when that happens? here I am thinking, "this is great" and "I feel so special" and as it turns out... not so much.

Krista (my sister who is in Olympia doing fantastic things for developmentally disabled individuals) has a necklace coming to her. I'll have it listed on Etsy, so that she can "buy" it. that will likely be my first sale as sad as it is. We found some fabulous woven and crochet beads to use in it. Then she wants it to be 24 inches long.... ya, I'll get back to you.
Aren't they great! I don't necessarily like traditional clasps as they are so.... utilitarian. Why, when there are literally thousands of beads right in front of me, would I use a boring clasp. So, these will somehow (it's a work in progress with no actual plan) be made into a closure that doubles as a really cool centerpiece. I'll have it on Etsy, with luck, by tomorrow.

I have a plan. All this beading could lead to lazy, so, the new plan is to walk the loop each morning, and then blog. We will see how it goes. It has been freezing each night, so... I guess I will need my cuddle duds (long johns).

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