Bubbles arent cute when they come out of the toilet.

For the last 2 days, when water is draining, the toilets would bubble. This is a good reason to keep the lid down. I hope you all do that, it's a good habit. You wouldn't want all the toilet germs escaping and contaminating for example, your toothbrush. (Or if you watched that Oprah show, you know that the germ thing is futile.)

So in any case, I was scared to use the potty. I didn't want it to splash at me.

James got on the roof and snaked out the vents, which really freaked out the cats. Maggie was very concerned with what sounded like giant metal rats in the walls.

We called the pumping truck to drain the septic system and they determined that our main line was clogged. I guess that our little palm tree (that is so cute) was the culprit. He recommended removing the tree. HA! I think that James is planning on fixing the actual line since it was done so poorly in the first place. I think this is a better plan too.

Anyway, they were able to fix the clog rather easily it seems. The guy (who calls people "pardner", who does that?) said that the baffle should be replaced. This means that someone gets to crawl into the septic tank (Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe...) and replace the baffle. I think that will be a job we hire someone to do.

For about an hour it really stunk outside.

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