Progress Report

The working in the round, is not hard at all! It tends to get tight, but maybe that is just me. It works though. I'm encouraged to make socks now! I have issues with rather strange looking heel flaps. I have seen some with a mitered heel that looks much better. There are some really pretty socks out there. There is a woman who always makes socks toe-up (that's starting at the toe) so that she can end when she darn well feels like it. I like that idea.

Browsing around, I found some very interesting sites, my current favorite is >
I'm going to look thru my links and add them to my sidebar thingy.

I got a book! Went to Half Price Books yesterday, and got a half priced book! I liked the designs, but will change the colors. It's Quick Knits to Wear, Edited by Jeanne Stauffer. It's full of classic basic patterns.

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