I'm feeling sleepy...

Maggie found a new and exciting way to wake me up. See, we have this tall headboard on the bed, and she likes to hang out on the ledge at the top (against the rules), kinda the same way she likes to sit on the top of the shower door sliders during steamy time. Anyway, she is usually very accurate in her cat leaping endeavors... this morning, she missed the headboard and landed on my face.
So, this could have been a painful type situation except that Mags doesn't usually use her claws for much of anything. It was mostly soft foot and fluff that landed on my face. What a way to wake up. James chased her out of the room and tossed a sandal down the hallway at her. (Don't worry, we always miss).

I didn't get right up and feed the cats.

I looked out the window, and it was and still is, very frosty! I wish I had a bathtub. Okay, there is a bathtub, but it is unbelievably shallow. It's harvest gold too, they don't make those anymore. What is the point of having a shallow bathtub, just make it a shower.

The frosty is in the courtyard too and affecting the tropical plants. It's okay! We are experienced with keeping tropical plants alive thru cold winters. I'm going to knit them little scarves. No seriously folks... all you gotta do is put a bunch of mulchie stuff on them. The bananas look so sad, as do the trumpet flowers. Crazy blooming fools. What season do they think it is?

I am knitting. Not right now, but while the evil grotesque XBox game is on. The furkids and I sit in the living room and knit. I am knitting some cabled fingerless mitts, for me. There are a couple of mess ups, but you don't know where they are. The yarn is a pure Peruvian Alpaca in a beautiful dark purple. I hope noone cares if I knit during thanksgiving dinner... don't mind me...

We went to the mall yesterday (strangely James idea, due to the fact that there is a puzzle store there) and didn't find what we were looking for. A Sistine Chapel puzzle by Educa. We will order it online. It's cheaper anyway. Then of course since we were at the mall, I had to stop by Daiso! I love Daiso. They even had yarn. I got some things to use for holiday cards too. It's a very fun store and everyone should have the chance to go. Plus, almost everything is $1.50!

I also had to redeem my Victoria's Secret free panty! The coupon was even good for colors this time!

My egg not latte is gone...and really it is about time to get dressed and look alive.

Enjoy your dinners.

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