Neglecting you, whoever you are...

I have been knitting my lovely sock. It takes a long time with size 1 DPN's, but it's so perdy! Gosh, I should take a picture to document this...(reluctantly gets up and grabs the camera, gosh, it's so heavy...)
Okay, so I cannot just take one photo of anything. I took 33 of various things that I want to.. document. I'll spare you and begin with the socks. I have done about 20 rows and got to cast on in Twisted German. I know a lot of those... Anyway, I like that cast on, it's fun. The yarn is Smooshy by Dream in Color (lipstick lava, 100% superfine Australian Merino!) and it's so yummy. I'm going to attempt a short row heel, because they just look better. (pattern)

I am also making Sleepy Snake and Mischievous mouse from MochiMochi Shop. The colors have been changed but I am almost done with the length of the snake.

So, in addition there are some other things that I made recently. A friend of mine who is rather strange was attempting to make polymer clay feet one day. She decided that they would make good earrings. We weren't drinking. Ultimately they were smashed up into who knows what. But it inspired me more than it should have. I though, how strange and great would it be to bring that idea to the next level.

These are the wiggle toe earrings.

And now for a more serious project... This took several hours of beading from a pattern by Jennie Hennesay (available here). If you have 6 or so hours and the correct beads, have at it.

I had a bit of trouble with the clasp. I didn't want to put on a lobster claw or anything because I think they detract from the handmade feeling, so I invented the clasp. It is possible to get it on, but requires practice.

So that is what I have been doing craft wise.

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Bobisa said...

I'M rather strange? Take a look in the mirror, silly girl. Ha ha ha.