I declare it officially holidaystime

We have this tradition here, that we begin the holiday season with an Egg Nog Latte. So Diva has been serving egg nog for about a week or so, and we went to have our season starter yesterday. It was so good!

Last year, I had my latte without James and got in big trouble.

Since it is official, I can begin to make little gifties. Don't ask me for fancy gift$. You will not get any. Now, if you want something, you can certainly ask and hope that someone else who reads this blog gets it for you. Heck, maybe I should put my requests on the list...my Gimmie List...

I really want to start decorating. It is not time yet though. I guess I could put up the garland and decorate it with leaves, that's not too Christmessy yet. I have some leaves. I have plenty of branches too. Our poor tree lost a limb. Not sure if we will be able to have it taken down before the CRAFT PARTY THAT YOU ALL ARE COMING TO.

The yard itself has been cleaned up, and part of the limb has been cut so that it is passable. We have to get a guy though, with a big firetruck ladder or something though. They cannot climb the tree because it is brittle (Maples are like that). They cannot put their truck on the septic system, so really we need a firetruck. Then I could take more pictures.

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